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Professional TUV Medical CE Approved laser diode 808 nm/laser epilator/diode laser 755 808 1064

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Professional TUV Medical CE Approved laser diode 808 nm/laser epilator/diode laser 755 808 1064

 808 hair removal

 Why Choose Us 


It is the first innovative design of the 808nm diode laser hair removal machine in the world. The main

operating elements are integrated into the handle. Temperature and energy levels can be adjusted

directly via the button on the handle. This makes the work of the beautician easier. More convenient

to do the treatment. Bomeitong laser hair removal machine popular in beauty center and clinic use,

please contact us get more info.

3 wavelengths suitable for any color of hair and dark skin people
808nm: Golden standard wavelength for all hair types
755nm: Specific effective for blonde hair, fine hair
1064nm: Specific effective for dark, tanned skin


Short Treatment Time

For patients, shorter time mean less inconvenience. For physicians, faster treatment allows more patients to be seen in a given unit of time, increasing office productivity and revenue. Olaser allows fast repetition rates up to 10Hz(10 pulses-per-second) with a large spot size 13mm*13mm applicator, Perform more treatment sessions in less time allowing you to quickly treat larger areas, while offering your patients the fastest and most effective hair removal possible.

Powerful Cooling:

Excellent Skin Contact Cooling probe with real sapphire tip minimizes the risk of burns on the skin surface while maintaining heat within the dermis, ? Maximize patient comfort via efficient continuous contact cooling ? Protect tissue from heat accumulation and overheating

Excellent Performance

300W/ 500W/1200W laser power makes optimal results by strong, stable energy up to 100J/cm 2 . Wide range of pulse duration of 5~100ms available. Large spot size 13mm*13mm with deeper light penetration Easy to treat without overlapping Fewer shots per treatment


Technical parameter                                                                             

Laser type
semiconductor laser
Laser wavelength
Laser pulse width
Spot size 
9cm * 9cm,12cm * 12cm,15cm * 15cm,15cm * 27cm
Semiconductor cooling+water cooling+air cooling
Power source
Out power


Hand details                                                                                         

hair removal 

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1. TUV 13485 and CE approved.

2. 80% main components imported from world famous company.

3. We use USA imported laser chips, the most important part of the diode laser machine. Output energy is

very stable, the output shots can up to 100,000,000 shots. Higher quality laser chips make longer life time

of the machine, bring you more income.

4. Our fast plug connection adopts Hydro-power isolation system, imported from Germany & USA. — higher

safety and more convenient than normal plug.

5. Special Large Handles designed with special attention to ergonomics, make sure the chips fully heat

dissipation, and with comfortable handle.

6. The power module design is suitable for importing & exporting business, It is convenient for maintenance.

7. Imported Super cooling system: (Air cooling, semiconductor cooling, sapphire cooling, ect.) make sure the

machine continuously working 24-hour without stopping.

8.Taiwan MEAN WELL Power Supply, no radiation, safe and environmental protection.



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