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Thermal Vacuum & DDS Hot Wave Physiotherapy machine

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DDS machines

Product Description
DDS magnetic physiotherapy brush using magnetic energy to heat, clear the body meridians, promote lymphatic drainage, promote blood circulation, blood run. The use of far-infrared energy to stimulate the body's cells to stimulate the qi, clear the meridians, to achieve "general rule is not painful", vigor and blood, eliminate toxins, regulate yin and yang, quickly clear the body of the lymphaticand meridians. Physiotherapy brush can act on all parts of the body, and can achieve good detoxification soothing effect, can effectively improve a variety of pain disorders: back pain, frozen shoulder, waist and leg weakness.

clinical pictures


Thermal Vacuum & DDS hot wave therapy machine can promote tissue metabolism, repel the cellulite, which make fat granule in different depths and shocking make fusion energy, can be done manually or any other instruments can not achieve the perfect results. At the same time, skin is more elastic and luster. It is the "healthy body sculpture management" expert. DDS By creating electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the body, the electrotherapy effectively exercises muscle and nipple, relieves various of body pain, promotes blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, help losing weight, lifting and firming skin and enhancing breast, bringing you a charming body line and keeping you fit.


DDS 360° annular energy


1. Body Work Head: It is suitable for operating large areas, such as back dredges, etc.

2. Arm/ Leg Work Head: It is suitable for the operation of arms and legs, such as legs slimming and arms slimming.

3. Face Work Head: It is suitable for the operation of face, such as wrinkles, firming, face-lift.

4. DDS Work Heads: It is suitable for the operation of body, such as dredging the meridian, slimming, relieving fatigue.


DDS 5 handles


Negative pressure dynamic negative pressure tank, one breath and one suction, flat fill and vent, can be pulled out for the second time in six hours! You can take a shower immediately! Does not hurt the body, suitable for any physical person.
Negative pressure cans are flat and diarrhea, which can adjust the body in both directions; if it is imaginary, it will be diarrhea. Therefore, people will not be empty and more humanized every day.


DDS handles


1. Multi-functional skin care and body shaping instrument can help with face care and detox and shaping of the whole body.

2. Various working heads can be replaced in different parts according to different requirements.

3. It is suitable for all skin types, and can improve skin texture, improve constitution, solve subhealth problems.

4. It is painless and non-invasive treatment process without anaesthesia. Once the treatment is over, customer can go back home and there is no healing time, which will not affect customer’s life and work.

5. No consumption, low cost and quick returns.

6. Unevenness, bleeding, and swelling will not appear after treatment.

7. The perfect combination of Thermal Vacuum hot head and DDS micro-current operating head can expel deep toxins from the body, improve constitution, tighten skin and relieve sagging.

8. The vacuum is used to detoxify the body effectively, which solves the sub-health problems caused by overwork.

9. Long-lasting effects: taking one treatment is equivalent to 100 times of basic body relaxation and deep detoxification.

10. Wide range of selection: the treatment can be performed based on different area to relax the whole body, so that the muscles take a passive aerobic exercise.
11. The combination of vacuum and temperature control technology can relax the muscles of the whole body and make it more comfortable to use.


DDS handles - VCA


External Voltage: 110V/220V±10%

Internal Voltage: ≤12V

Electric Current: ≤2.80A

Power: ≤25W

Packing Dimension: 114*50*50cm

DDS microcurrent handles


1. Q: How does the vacuum head detoxify?

Vacuum can cause capillary congestion, stimulate cells to increase vitality. The alternation of suction and release, and increase and decrease of pressure during operation can make local pores continue to open and close, for which it can promote air flow through skin, increase the amount of oxygen skin absorbs, and speed up the excretion of waste. So it achieves the effects of promoting qi and blood circulation, dispelling cold and damp, dredging channels and collaterals, clearing toxins, dissipating heat and so on.

2. Q: Why does the body need detoxification?

A: Detox can make body excrete the metabolic products of the body, such as old necrotic cells, mutated cancer cells, blood stasis cells, blocked lymphocytes, and fluids that cannot be excreted in time.

B: Detox can help excrete stools. All kinds of exogenous and endogenous toxins will eventually gather into the intestinal tract and form feces. If the intestinal tract cannot remove these stools in time, it will reabsorb the toxins, which can eventually cause secondary pollution and poison the whole body.

3. Q: Why is there a need for lymphatic detoxification?

A. The lymphatic system is the last defense of the human body, and it is also the recycling bin of waste of the human body. It is not only the cleaner of the human body, but also the largest detoxification organ.

B. Lymph flow can accelerate the process of natural detoxification, which means it can help the body remove waste through the lymphatic system and improve the body's metabolism.

4. Q: Does the DDS instrument have side effects on human body?

DDS head produces rhythmic biological micro-current, which is very similar to the message instructions sent by the brain. The micro-current is transmitted to the corresponding parts of the human body. It is a kind of pure green energy therapy without injection and medicine, and the therapy has negative-ion effect. It can improve the membrane potential of human cells, activate cells, promote blood circulation, normalize metabolism, purify blood, offset damage caused by positive electricity to the human body, balance the spirit of self-discipline, and enhance the immune function of the body. And finally it can improve the quality of life and health level. So there are no side effects on people’s bodies. As long as the operation is performed properly, you can rest assured that that you can use it. Do not use it if you have other diseases or are sensitive to current.

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