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Liposonix Cellulite Removal Slimming weight loss machine

Ultrashape Liposonic Lipo HIFU body cosmetics machine weight management equipments

  • VI8

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound HIFU Weight Loss Ultrashape Fat Reduction Body Slimming Liposonix Machine 

liposonix machine Other Beauty Equipment

liposonix machine Other Beauty Equipment


Liposonix use the most advanced non-invasive high intensity focused ultrasound,  penetrating to

7~ 13 mm under skin and reach deep fat, transfer the high intensity sound wave to heat energy, resolve the subcutaneous fat cells under high temperature and high speed vibration to dispell out of body to achieve the effect of fat reducing weight. With 65 ° to 72 ° temperature to stimulate layer collagen contraction and subcutaneous tissue hyperplasia, fill the gap after melting fat quickly. Treatment areas are smooth, full of elasticity.


Fat reduction ( arm, abdomen, hip, thigh , crus ); Body lifting; Body contouring

The average waistline reduction after just a single one-hour treatment is about 1-3 cm

Clinical test: Circumference Reduction: 4.5cm      Fat layer Reduction: 1.1cm


weight loss slimming Other Beauty Equipment

weight loss slimming Other Beauty Equipment


1. More than 80%  imported materials

2. VCA choose “Lock Frequency Power Supply” VS Most other suppliers “Sweep Frequency Power”

Benefit from Lock Frequency Power Supply:

Lock the voltage and electric current, make the machine frequency keep in 250K all the time, ensure the average energy, safe and stable, has the best result for fat removal.

Limitation for Sweep Frequency Power:

Can't lock the voltage and electric current, frequency is instable, affect treatment result.

3. Ceramic chip of VCA is “medical grade” VS Most other suppliers “industry grade”

The ceramic chip is the most important part for handle, it focuses the energy and determine the handle use life.

4. High energy ultrasound focused under skin 1.3cm, against targeted destroying fat cells without damage to the surface of the skin, we call it non-intrusive.

Machine Show                                

Iron materials, anti radiation, anti static, anti extrusion

liposonix machine Other Beauty Equipment


Handpiece Design                              


It equipped with one handle, two removable probes: 1.3cm, 0.8cm

Each probe has 500 shots. Each shot has 24*24=256 points.

ultrashape machine Other Beauty Equipment

ultrashape machine Other Beauty Equipment


weight loss slimming Other Beauty Equipmentweight loss slimming Other Beauty Equipment

 Beijing VCA LASER                        

liposonix machine Other Beauty Equipment

liposonix machine Other Beauty Equipment

ultrashape machine Other Beauty Equipment

ultrashape machine Other Beauty Equipment

Our Service                                        

Guarantee: We offer 3 years free warranty, lifetime maintain, 24 hours calling service.

Service:There is OEM&ODM service for distributor.

Training: After you get the machine, there is user manual, maintain manual, training CD guide you to operate the machine. 

weight loss slimming Other Beauty Equipment

weight loss slimming Other Beauty Equipment

                                            For more information,please feel free to contact us 

Why Us
  • Always the 1st to have Newest technology.

  • Always within 4 working days after receiving your payment,we will deliver goods.

  • Nearly 13 years production experience on beauty machine.

  • We have exported our beauty machines to more than 38 countries and we have rich export experience to offer best service for you.

  • We have got VCA LASER Enterprise competency assessment report,you can download it on Alibaba and only real Medical equipment manufacturers can let you download.

  • We will deliver machines within 4 working days after receiving your payment,and we will take photos about every production process when our technology engineers produce your machine. Most suppliers can not do this to deliver your machine in such a short time.


  • All of VCA machines got Medical CE approved,other certificates such asSGS,ISO13485,ISO9001,FDA,CSA,Medical equipment production license and so on.

  • All of our engineers have 23 years experience,they can track your requirements R&D special appearance and special parameter.

  • Our production ability is 2000 units every month and MOQ could be 1 unit.

Enterprise Culture

Corporation anagement:Unity and harmony, strives for realism advances boldly, attaching importance to talents , appoint people by merit

Corporate goals: to create the first class brand, to be the leader in beauty and medical equipment industry, let our products all over the world. 

Corporate guideline for management: Attention to reputation, Customer first, Stress quality, Endless innovation

Corporate quality policy:Technological innovation,Pursues the remarkable quality, Uphold the integrity, Offer perfect service with dedicated spirit.  We believe Quality changes the world!

Corporate basic principle: Own brand, high-quality products, perfect service

Corporate service concept: smile, efficient, honest, professional

The meaning of company name VCA:Victory comes from Aesthetics

Ambition another means is lofty aspirations

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