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EMS Sculpting Machine

  • New Circslim High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Muscle Stimulation Machine
    High efficiency: Only a 30 minutes a procedure, only 4 sessions per course needed.
    Stronger stimulation: Double layer Coil generates deeper and stronger high intensity electromagnetic effects.
    Multi function: Muscle sculpturing & Fat burning & Weight lossing together.
    Liquid cooling technology: It equipped with liquid-cooled applicators that allows long time operation without any overheat issue.  
  • Stimulation Electromagnetic Fields Sculpting build muscle slimming ems machine
    Five handles´╝ÜCan build muscle and reduce fat in different parts of the body.
    Five modes of movement : different modes different functions,aerobic fat reduction,muscle strength ,strengthening muscle &reducing fat.
    Four wheels: Easy to move and store.
    Treatment comfortable: Non-invasive, no side effects, and painless.
  • Factory Price Ems Slim Increase Muscle Stimulator Ems Body Slimming Shaping Machine
    EM-Sculpt provides the world's first non-invasive buttock lifting device.
    Muscle contraction: (30min) >36,000times.
    15 inch multi-color touch screen: The user-friendly touch screen allows foreasy navigation and control of the machine.
  • Professional Body Sculpting Machine Price
    More safer: Non-invasive & No pain & No anaesthesia & No surgery & No side effects.
    Short treatment time: A single treatment to improve the sculpt of body part takes only 30 minutes and is equivalent to 20,000 muscle. contractions, with only 4 treatments for the entire course of treatment.
    Strong inner structure system: Unique windv system, no need to add water, support long time working.
    Target more body parts: Targeting 5 body parts: abdomen, arms, hips, hamstring, thighs.
  • Professional EMShape Neo Body Sculpt Machine
    1-4 handpieces optional: which can work together and seperately, for diferent body parts.
    Air cooling device: prevents the treatment head from generating high temperature, which greatly improves the service life and safety factor of the machine. and greatly improves the stability of energy output.
    15-inch color touch screen: Provide convenience for operators, make treatment easier.
    Fast fat reducction: Single treatment can reduce 20-30% reduction in the fat layer, Non-invasive & No pain & No anesthesia & No surgery & No side effects.
  • EMShape Body Contouring Machine
    A wide range of applications: Suitable for different body parts.
    More safer: Safe and comfortable treatment with no downtime. It is painless and doesn't affect daily life.
    Efficient weight loss: Short treatment time and no recovery.
    Simple interface: The interface is simple to operate and easy to use.