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BTL EMSCULPT with Non-invasive HIEMT procedure

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EMSculpt build muscle


◎ EMSculpt is the only slim plastic instrument that can increase muscle 16% while reducing fat by 19% so far.
◎ Seven independent studies in the United States provide strong academic support, and have been certified by the US FDA, CE, and TGA.
◎ No radiation, no freezing to harm the body, no high temperature scorching the skin, high efficiency and safety.
  1 abdominal treatment for 30 minutes = 20,000 abdominal crunches; 1 butt treatment for 30 minutes = 20,000 squats.

The 30-minute treatment energy pulse can stimulate 20,000 strong muscle contractions. The electromagnetic wave of the treatment head penetrates the muscle layer to a depth of 7cm, which induces the muscles to perform "super contraction exercises" that the human body cannot achieve independently, and stimulates fat cells to super-fast metabolism and strong decomposition, and at the same time Accompanied by muscle strengthening and growth effects, it brings subversive innovations to body shaping.


1Dual Handles

The treatment parameters of both handles can be adjusted independently. It can operate two persons at the same time. 

2Safe And Non-invasive

Non-current, Non-hyperthermia, Non-radiation, and no recovery period. Just lying down can burn fat and build muscle, and reshape the beauty of lines.    

3Convenient and Simple

It’s simple operation and band-age type. Without the need for a beautician to operate the instrument, which is convenient and simple.




The muscle contracts 20,000 times with high frequency and intensity, so as to train and increase muscle density and volume.


The ultimate contraction of muscle needsa large amount of energy supply, so the fat cells beside the muscle are also consumed, leading to natural apoptosis and effective reduction of fat thickness.

3Muscle Sculpt 

Exercising the abdominal muscles, shaping the vest line, exercising the hip muscles, creating the peach hips, exercising the abdominal oblique muscles, and shaping the mermaid line.

 EMS feature


Offer your clients the latest in cutting edge body contouring treatment technology.

* Muscle sculpturing & Fat burning & Weight lossing together.
* Non-invasive & No pain & No anaesthesia & No surgery & No side effects.
* Suitable for everyone, patient satisfaction up to 98%.

* Only a 30 minutes a procedure, only 4 sessions per course needed.
* Feels like an intensive workout. 30 minutes treatment = 20,000 workouts.
* Safe and comfortable treatment with no downtime.
* Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks.

* Patient waist size was reduced on average by 4.37cm at 3 months post-treatments.

* Increase in muscle mass: 16% at 4 weeks, and 21% at 6 months.

* Reduction in subcutaneous fat: 19% at 4 weeks, and 23% at 3 months.

* One to two months after HI-EMT treatment, patients average abdominal muscle thickness increased by 15%-16%.

* Ability to treat up to eight areas simultaneously that can target the abdomen, arms, flanks, glutes, thighs.

* Comes with 2 applicators, allowing treatments for stomach, buttocks, arms and thighs.

Principle of Action and Core Advantages
Core HIFEM technology-high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology High-intensity electromagnetic wave HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field) technology, the energy pulse of each treatment stimulates 20,000 strong muscle contractions, and the intensity and frequency of this "muscle contraction" can never be achieved through ordinary muscle exercise. High-intensity muscle contraction stimulates muscle growth and induces fat cells to accelerate metabolism.

Generally, muscle gaining is controlled by the brain by the brain. The intensity and amplitude of muscle contraction are limited. Only some muscles can exercise. It is difficult to achieve muscle gaining effect in a short period of time. The high-intensity muscle contraction brings about a gain effect that cannot be achieved by natural muscle movement, which will be significantly changed under the drive of BTL Messius“Focused Magnetic Vibration Technology”. The muscle volume and muscle fiber density increase at the same time to achieve muscle gain and produce more Clear muscle lines. In general aerobic exercise, the body mainly consumes carbohydrates in the first 10-15 minutes, and then the fat burning rate gradually increases. It is difficult to achieve the effect of reducing fat in a short time. The high-intensity muscle contraction of Messius causes fat cells to be overloaded, causing strong lipolysis. A large amount of triglycerides in fat cells are broken down into free fatty acids (FFA), and free fatty acids "burst" cause functional overload, exceeding fat. The cell’s endurance limit, the breakdown of fat cell function leads to cell apoptosis. The apoptotic fat cells are inactivated and decomposed within a few weeks, and are completely eliminated from the body to achieve fat reduction.

Mainly Acts on Muscle and Fat

°HIFEM pulses selectively drive motor neurons without affecting or harming the skin.
°"Muscle contraction" stimulates fat cells to over-metabolize and decompose fat strongly.
°Excessive metabolism causes fat cell dysfunction and dysfunction, which in turn triggers cell apoptosis.
°At the same time accompanied by muscle strengthening and growth effects, "muscle gain + fat burning" in one step.

two EMS handles

Treatment Effects

1. Strengthen the abdominal muscles and shape the vest line
The applied high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy technology, when applied to the abdomen, stimulates 20,000 strong muscle contractions. This super-muscle exercise can increase the density and volume of abdominal muscles, and decompose and eliminate abdominal fat.

2. Enhance the buttocks curve to create a peach buttocks
When Messius acts on the buttocks, the powerful pulse of energy makes the buttocks muscles keep contracting. The muscles gradually increase and thicken in this "super-muscle exercise", the overall buttocks are improved, the muscle relaxation is also significantly reduced, and the entire buttocks lines are becoming more and more obvious.

clinical treatment for EMS

Treatment Course

A course of treatment is 4 times, each time treatment is 30 minutes, each interval is 3-4 days, it is recommended to do 4-5 courses a year to keep a healthy body at all times.

Treatment Result

Obvious muscle lines will appear after 1 course of treatment, and the waist circumference will decrease by an average of 4.17 cm.
The fat loss was 19%, the average muscle thickness increased by 16%, and the separation of rectus abdominis was improved by an average of 11%.


Product   Name

HIEMT   beauty muscle instrument

Instrument   Technology

Low   frequency high intensity pulsed magnetic field


10 inch   touch screen

Magnetic   Vibration Intensity

7.0 Tesla

Output   Power


Strength Adjustable   Range


Output   Frequency


Pulse   Width


Muscle   Contraction

>   30,000 times (30 min)

Running   Time

1~30   minutes

Working   Modes

Auto /   Manual

Output   Channel

2   channels, independent adjustment


Fat Removal   , Muscle Building , Buttocks Toning , Body Contouring & Shaping

Liquid   Cooling

Industrial-grade   and automatic internal refrigeration circulation cooling system

Input   Voltage




Size Of   Flight Shipping Case






1. How Fast Will I See Results? 
You begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.

2. Is There Any Downtime? Any Pre/Post Treatment Preparation?      

The EMS SCULPT is non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation.

3. What Does It Feel Like? 
The EMS SCULPT procedure feels like an intensive workout. You can lie down and relax during the treatment.

4. What Is The Treatment Time? 
20-30 minute treatment with minimum of 4 sessions scheduled 2-3 days apart. Your provider will help you create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.

5. How long does it take to see the final result of EMSCULPT procedure?
Each patient's results may vary but the best time to see the final results is in 3 months after the last treatment.
6. What is the downtime of EMSCULPT ?
There is no downtime with this procedure. You can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment.

7. What happens to the fat that is eliminated by EMSCULPT procedure? Will the fat come back?
After the treatment, the dead fat cells are flushed out from the body through metabolic processes. The rest is flushed out by the body.
8. Are there any special supplements or diets I need to follow before or after the EMSCULPT treatment?
EMSCULPT treatment does not require any pre-treatment preparations. You can follow your regular lifestyle right after the treatment.
9. Will I lose weight with EMSCULPT ?
No, EMSCULPT procedure does not help with weight reduction. The therapy helps reduce your fat and build your muscles.
10. How does EMSCULPT compare to liposuction and non-invasive device alternatives?
EMSCULPT does not compare to liposuction as EMSCULPT is a completely non-invasive procedure. It does not require surgery, needles, anesthesia, or any downtime.There is no other device in the aesthetic field that treats both fat and muscle in a single treatment.


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