Model: VF8
Color: Variety choices
Warranty: 3 years
Certificaiton: CE, ISO13485
Training: Manual, DVD


Multi-language Software

VCA LASER Fractional CO2 Laser

Gynecological Head & Circumcision Head & ENT Head



1. Skin renewal and regeneration, tighten and whiten skin, pore missing

2. Remove acne and scars

3. Remove neoplasm

4. Remove pigment: chloasmas, age spots, blemishes, speckle, nevus, birth mark, etc.

5. Treat telangiectasia

6. Sun damage recovery and skin renewing

7. Eliminates scrub

8. Pierce ears

9. Effective treatment with skin hydroponic, skin rough

10. Treatment of body odor

11. Treatment of nail fungus 

12. Treatment of ENT diseases

13. Male circumcision

14. Laser vaginal tightening function, treat gynecological inflammation and urinary incontinence.




1. The best USA Coherent radio frequency laser, stable performance, high effective, no consumable costs

2. 7-jointed arm light conduct, more convenient operating, less costs. More than 20 shape more choices. Every shape can change the size.

3. Laser vaginal tightening function, treat gynecological inflammation and urinary incontinence.

4. Inhale function better protect your health

5. Drive System adopt Germany’s galvanometer mode for controlling, dual motor managed by one drive board to make sure the high accuracy and best performance. All precision electronic components are importing from the foreign country.




8.4 / 10.4 /15 inch LCD real color touch screen

Light conducting system

7 jointed arms to conduct light



Tube Type

USA RF tube/ Glass tube


30W / 60W


Normal / scan

Laser energy

1-30W / 5-45mj

Figure option

Square, Triangle, Round, Rectangle, Line, Hexagon, etc.

Scan pattern size


Scan mode

Continuous, super pulse, fractional

Dot quantity

2500 dots at most

Spot distance


Pulse energy

1mj to 100mj is optional for each dot.

Times of scanning

 1-20 times

Condenser focus


Spot size

≤0.2mm at the focus

Radiation time / Interval time

0.01 1 s

Aiming beam

635nm infrared ray

Power supply

110/230V±10%, 60/50Hz


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